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    FIND THE RODAC PROMOTION ARTICLES FOR 2024 HERE! Discover more than 480 items at promotional prices, on 75 pages, with more than 125 new products. This selection has been made based on all sectors in which we are active, in order to guarantee the most complete range possible.

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    RODAC, your daily partner for pneumatic tools and workshop equipment, for the automotive, industrial and construction sectors, is working hard to create a new catalogue for you. As an additional feature, you will find an "i-button" next to most of the items. When clicked, this button refers online to a product sheet. In this product sheet you will find all kinds of information, such as a CE sheet (if required), but also, for example, a manual and/or working drawing. For you as a customer or reseller, this means a great deal of extra information and convenience. This button is not yet active in the version that is currently online, but it will be in the course of this month. Then you will also be able to use this service.





    RQN3154 This Rodac professional and high-quality electric brakes clutch bleeder 10 Liter is Ideal for purging the brake circuit in less than 15 minutes! Ideal for renewing in a short time and removing brake fluid from all vehicles. This brake bleeder is also suitable for ABS, thanks to the control of the working pressure in it system. Easy to use. Without assistance. Rapid change of brake fluid. Suitable for all ABS systems (also for systems with EDS, ESP and SBC) and for venting hydraulic couplings. Tested and certified, 4 Bar with 220V electric pump. 


    PLV-331-16 INCREASE YOUR TURNOVER UNIVERSAL SCISSOR DISPLAY FOR YOUR COUNTER: Hand scissors for cutting various materials: aluminum (up to 2 mm), leather, rubber, linoleum, plastic, steel strapping, sheet metal, nylon and so on. Length: 165mm.


    RC320 This powerful pneumatic carbody saw is the perfect tool for cutting composite material or metal (sheet). Suitable for all kinds of sawing work, both in the automotive and industrial sector. The all-new gear-transmission design offers more than double the cutting capacity compared to standard pneumatic saws. (5 mm / 6 Ga. Metal plates). Very reliable 0.5 hp pneumatic motor with precision machined cylinder and rotor. 360 degree rotatable air outlet. Trigger with safety lock. WITH AN ERGONOMIC HANDLE OF PU COMPOSITE MATERIAL.



  • Long chop and needle scalers

    What are long chop and needle scalers? The long chop and needle scalers from RODAC are ergonomic tools that are supplied in different lengths for chopping, demolition and scraping or disposal operations.


    With the Rodac professional 18V 1000 Nm cordless impact wrench without carbon brushes you can easily loosen nuts and tighten. Often used for mounting and dismounting of wheel bolts. Including LED lighting. Product includes a high quality level, reliable and durable. Comes in a case with a charger and 2x4 Ah Lithium-ion batteries. (charging time 1.5 hours), 4 stages adjustable. 





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Locking lug nut removal kit!

The Ultimate tool to remove the most difficult locking lug nuts in the quickest and safest way. Over the years the locking lug nuts have been dramatically improved. Their design is more and more complex and the material itself harder and harder. Problems with damaged lug nuts or lost keys are well-known in the tire repair shops business.   

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Let your dull headlights shine again!

Complete repair polishing headlamp kit includes: Sander RC169, RC166 polisher, abrasive and foam discs, sandpaper, microfibre cloth, liquid step 1 and step 2 and protection spray. 

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Now available: RODAC ‘Green’ sanding abrasives. 2x quicker sanding, 3x more durable

The quality of sandpaper hinges on the speed and smoothness of sanding and the sanding result that follows. A good sanding result means a surface sanded consistently throughout, with the same abrasive depth across the whole surface, without noticeable patches, scratches and rings. The advantages:

·         Excellent sanding quality
·         Exceptional durability
·         Perfect sanding plane
·         Clogs less quickly
·         Accurate and correct abrasive depth
·         Full range of products

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Locking lug nut removal kit








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