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    RODAC, your daily partner for pneumatic tools and workshop equipment, for the automotive, industrial and construction sectors, is working hard to create a new catalogue for you. As an additional feature, you will find an "i-button" next to most of the items. When clicked, this button refers online to a product sheet. In this product sheet you will find all kinds of information, such as a CE sheet (if required), but also, for example, a manual and/or working drawing. For you as a customer or reseller, this means a great deal of extra information and convenience. This button is not yet active in the version that is currently online, but it will be in the course of this month. Then you will also be able to use this service.




    This Rodac professional and high-quality electric brakes clutch bleeder 10 Liter is Ideal for purging the brake circuit in less than 15 minutes! Ideal for renewing in a short time and removing brake fluid from all vehicles. This brake bleeder is also suitable for ABS, thanks to the control of the working pressure in it system. Easy to use. Without assistance. Rapid change of brake fluid. Suitable for all ABS systems (also for systems with EDS, ESP and SBC) and for venting hydraulic couplings. Tested and certified. 


    RODAC would like to introduce you to the digital torque / ratchet wrench 4-80 Nm 1/2 ". A 72 tooth ratchet with anti-slip handle and audiovisual warning when the set torque is reached. This ratchet is unique and according to ISO 6789-1 (2017) calibrated by default.

  • Powerful Deals 2022

    As every year, this year we again have an promotional leaflet full of offers: the Powerful Deals 2022. New in this promotional leaflet from RODAC, which is valid until 31-12 2022, are the large number of innovations and the products of "SAM", our holding company. from France. Many novelties from a French manufacturer of which RODAC is a part, "SAM GROUP". Take a quick look at the brochure and take advantage. For a net price list or to order the printed version, which will be available from mid-April 2022, please send an email to Info@sam-rodac.com. For other information or orders you can also visit our webshop or contact our "Support Team" directly. This can be done by mail to info@sam-rodac.com or by telephone NL: +31 (0)46 458 2299   B/ Lux: +32 (0)2 331.34.34 - D: +49 (0)3222 1681310.10.



    RODAC, in collaboration with SAM, has put together a range of articles that are essential for working safely on electrical installations. In addition to tools, the range also consists of items that are essential for the safety of the mechanic and the environment in which the repairs take place. RODAC wants to be the right partner for you for the supply of tools but also safety equipment. Together we will face the future in a safe way!




    This powerful pneumatic carbody saw is the perfect tool for cutting composite material or metal (sheet). Suitable for all kinds of sawing work, both in the automotive and industrial sector. The all-new gear-transmission design offers more than double the cutting capacity compared to standard pneumatic saws. (5 mm / 6 Ga. Metal plates). Very reliable 0.5 hp pneumatic motor with precision machined cylinder and rotor. 360 degree rotatable air outlet. Trigger with safety lock. WITH AN ERGONOMIC HANDLE OF PU COMPOSITE MATERIAL.


  • NEW - Long chop and needle scalers

    What are long chop and needle scalers? The long chop and needle scalers from RODAC are ergonomic tools that are supplied in different lengths for chopping, demolition and scraping or disposal operations.


    With the Rodac professional 18V 1000 Nm cordless impact wrench you can easily loosen nuts and tighten. Often used for mounting and dismounting of wheel bolts. Including LED lighting. Product includes a high quality level, reliable and durable. Comes in a case with a charger and 2x4 Ah Lithium-ion batteries. (charging time 1.5 hours), 4 stages adjustable. 


Friday, July 1, 2022, RODAC International/ SAM Outillage will be closed in exceptional circumstances!
This day is dedicated to an internal event for all SAM/RODAC employees.

Do not hesitate to send all your requests to info@rodac-sam.com,
they will be processed from Monday 4th July at 8am.

Thank you for your understanding.

Multifunction Universal Pressure Tester C-375-DC

• 7” Color TFT display with resistive touch panel
• Sensor -1 to 3bar
• Sensor 0 to 300bar
• Universal Diesel Compression Adaptor
• Universel Petrol Compression Adaptor
• 9 specific professional quick coupling adaptors
• Vacuum adaptors

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RODAC International BV

RODAC International has a wide range of tools and accessories for industrial and automotive sectors. Whether you are looking for tools, tool trolleys or pneumatic tools, you will surely find it at RODAC International. RODAC International specialises in pneumatic tools such as pneumatic impact wrenches, ratchets, drills, screwdrivers, paint and grease guns, chipping hammers, needle scalers, caulking guns, power sockets and marker grinders, as well as angle grinders. Of course , RODAC International also has other garage equipment.

RODAC International has been the expert in the field of pneumatic tools for 80 years. Our product range and knowledge of these tools will assist you and your business or job. So you can be sure that you have the right tools or equipment for your job. In addition, we are active worldwide through a dense dealer network. This allows you to rely on the right service and RODAC quality anywhere.


RODAC makes its slogan 'YOUR DAILY PARTNER' true:

· Our dealers can count on extensive services, innovative sales tools and RODAC SAT service.
· The professional end user can own a reliable and powerful tool at an interesting price.





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Locking lug nut removal kit!

The Ultimate tool to remove the most difficult locking lug nuts in the quickest and safest way. Over the years the locking lug nuts have been dramatically improved. Their design is more and more complex and the material itself harder and harder. Problems with damaged lug nuts or lost keys are well-known in the tire repair shops business.   

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Let your dull headlights shine again!

Complete repair polishing headlamp kit includes: Sander RC169, RC166 polisher, abrasive and foam discs, sandpaper, microfibre cloth, liquid step 1 and step 2 and protection spray. 

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Now available: RODAC ‘Green’ sanding abrasives. 2x quicker sanding, 3x more durable

The quality of sandpaper hinges on the speed and smoothness of sanding and the sanding result that follows. A good sanding result means a surface sanded consistently throughout, with the same abrasive depth across the whole surface, without noticeable patches, scratches and rings. The advantages:

·         Excellent sanding quality
·         Exceptional durability
·         Perfect sanding plane
·         Clogs less quickly
·         Accurate and correct abrasive depth
·         Full range of products

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Locking lug nut removal kit








Our new demo bus Ready for demonstrations and technical support.